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Established in 1924 as producer of raincoats, Yaffy is now one of the leading suppliers of high performance outerwear to UK Police Forces.


Yaffy products include, High Visibility and Black Waterproof clothing complimented with a range of performance fleeces and lightweight high visibility outerwear, constructed from fabrics at the cutting edge of garment technology.


Offering specialist products such as public order garments with and without underwear to CAST standards, Yaffy is also a key supplier of equipment carriers including Taser carriers to various Forces.


Dog Handling, Motorcyclist, Pedal Cyclist and Equestrian specialist waterproof clothing have ensured that Yaffy is highly respected in the Police industry. The heritage and knowledge of a family business complimented by Dimensions’ world sourcing and manufacturing has further enhanced Yaffy’s ability to offer industry leading products and service.